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Blink 2A: The Flashing Zones Heart Rate Monitor


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Check out the flashing LED lights of the Blink - you go harder and move into a new heart zones and the Blink responds and matches the intensity with the easy Blue zone or the moderate Yellow zone or the hard Red zone.

If you are ready for both a wrist watch and a heart rate monitor that gives you only, and we mean only, the essential data that you need for heart rate training (aka ZONING workouts) then get the two button Blink 2A Multifunction Heart Rate Monitor. Exclusively developed by Sally Edwards, author and Triathlon Hall of Famer, and her team, the Blink 1 and 2s are only sold through ZONING Fitness - period.

The Blink 2A is the only heart rate monitor that has a flashing zones light plus your bpm, beats per minute numbers - both. No more struggling to read those small numbers or even smaller zones. Just a glance at which color is blinking and you know if you are in the zone:

  • Blue light flashes if you are in the easy Blue Zone.
  • Yellow light flashes if you are in the moderate Yellow Zone.
  • Red light flashes if you are in the hard (think above threshold) Red Zone.

The Blink 2A stores during your workout your TIZ, Time in Zone which is how many minutes you spent in each of the three colored Blue-Yellow-Red Zone. TIZ is an important function if you want to gain cardio endurance - you'll learn more - but that's called "Yellow time" and you need lots of minutes in the Yellow zone.

The Blink 2A is like her little sister the one button Blink 1A (check it out) is an analog heart rate monitor. This is important to you in your purchasing decisions because there are two types of monitors: analog and digital. Read about the difference between digital and analog to decide which is best for you - and there's a big price difference between the newer technology - digital - monitors.

The Blink 2A is the only heart rate monitor in the world, yes, in the world that shows the zones by flashing color and by the heart rate number in the display.  

Here's what you get in this powerful, small profile, cool training tool:

  • Flashing light that is the color of your heart zone.
  • Average, current, and peak heart rate - dynamic - while you are working out. Out of zone alarm and yes, an easy way to shut off the beeps too.
  • Two buttons which makes easier to program than those with lots of buttons.
  • Safe for swimming (and yes for in the hot tub, too!) 
  • You can replace both batteries yourself or at a watch-repair store (the transmitter and the watch). 
  • Calories burned during your workout (kcal) and they are dynamic - constantly updated. 
  • User changeable batteries in the transmitter belt
  • Blinks BLUE below your first threshold, T1 for your easy warm up fat burning stay fit zone. Blinks YELLOW to take you to that next fitness level, and it blinks RED indicates above your high threshold, the T2 to get you going faster than ever. We wrote a blog about our patented "Threshold Training System" for more info - it's the only cardio training system the US Patent office has ever issued because it's all based on the science of training - not invented out of someone's imagination or experience.
  • Stores time in each of the three threshold zones: the easy Blue zone, the moderate Yellow zone, and the high-hot-hard Red zone.
  • ZONING® program inside - the first heart rate monitor with the companion workout program in the box.  


  • Time of Day
  • Day-Date-Month-Year
  • Stop Watch
  • Water Resistant
  • 24 hour or 12 hour display


  • Current Heart Rate
  • Average Heart Rate
  • Peak Heart Rate
  • Time in the easy Blue Zone
  • Time in the moderate Yellow Zone
  • Time in the hard Red Zone
  • Zone Alarms: blinking light, audible beep, and no alarm
  • Dynamic heart rate numbers during the workout
  • Continuous beats-per-minute hear rate updating every 3-seconds
  • Wireless connection and ECG/EKG sensors
  • Analog transmission so it works on 99.9% of all cardio equipment in your club or at home.


  • The only patented program - ZONING - is inside the box
  • The only Monitor that Flashes Blue-Yellow-Red for the Zones
  • Large Heart Rate Number Display
  • The simplest to program monitor with only 2 programming buttons
  • Calories Burned - current and total Kcal
  • Battery is User Changeable
  • Stop Watch/Chrono  is 1/100 second resolution
  • Analog signal that works in the water during swimming or other water activities.

As Sally Edwards the Head Heart and author of the new book ZONING, Fitness in a Blink says about the Blink 2A, 

“A heart rate monitor is the most essential companion and tool for anyone who wants to get fit and fitter in the least amount of time. And the Blink 2A is so easy to program and use which makes it a must for every workout.”

This is the best heart rate monitor that money can buy and it's under $100 - get it.

Download the Blink Owner's Manual

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