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The Blink

In my last blog I introduced Zoning. I talked about our bodies’ innate ability to sense its effort and regulate it. A mind-body connection we all have and can learn more about through Zoning.

Still, those who have just come to terms with what their bodies are telling them – “I need to move around more” – are concerned with exactly how to monitor their effort as they begin. In reality, how to assess what they’re feeling without fear.

The fact is, to make Zoning the kind of program that could get America fit, we had to develop a system to take the fear away. I am proud of the work Sally Edwards, our manufacturing team and I have done to do just that, bring Zoning’s simple to use Heart Rate Monitor, The Blink, to America and indeed the world.

What makes The Blink unique are its blinking Blue, Yellow and Red lights. No reading small numbers, wondering what they mean or referring to charts that are totally inaccurate.

The Zoning Effort Assessment is easy to administer to yourself, easier still with the help of a fitness professional. And, it is yours alone. You no longer have to find your effort on some chart that uses an out-of-date formula based on your age.

And it gets even better: at Zoning we understand people like their choices. When purchasing your program you have two choices. A very simple one button Blink that programs your blue, yellow and red in seven steps. (Find another Heart Rate Monitor that does that) Or, you can get the two button Blink that has more options like Calorie counting and stop watch.

Regardless of your choice, once programmed you are on your way toward that state of feeling good called, fitness. Just warm up to your easy blue blinking light. Work for 20 minutes to your moderate yellow blinking light. If you see a blinking red light, reduce your effort.

In fact, in 2011 this blue, yellow and red system is what 20,000 women across America will use for training to go from the couch to the finish line in the Trek Women’s Triathlon Series. Sally Edwards is, as you read this on her way to Austin, Texas to kickoff the first training party of year. This kickoff also signifies the launch of Zoning.

I guess it is our turn to say, “Hello World.” How, are you feeling today?

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