ZONING. It's like an apple a day.



5-20-5: 5 minutes of warm up, 20 minutes ZONING, 5 minutes cool down 4 times a week.


Blue-Yellow-Red: Blue is easy, Yellow is moderate, Red is hard effort.


Change-It-Up Every time the music or instructions change, you change your effort.

Programs & Products

ZONING is a health and fitness program with a companion line of complimentary products. The program follows three easy steps:

  1. Timing: 5 minutes-20 minutes-5 minutes.
  2. Variety: You need to change-it-up with different activities and different levels of effort (intensity).
  3. Effort: You will be moving in the Blue Zone for 5 minutes, the Yellow zone for 20 minutes and the Red zone for what is healthy for you.

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What is ZONING?

ZONING is a patented cardio-program developed by Sally Edwards, MBA, MA and certified Physical Educator, that uses colors and numbers to show you how hard (effort) that you are working out. Watch this video.
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Weight Loss with ZONING

If you are ready to lose some weight (or a lot of fat) there's no better way than to focus on fitness, to focus on ZONING. 30-minutes a day in the moderate Yellow zone with your BLINK heart watch and you are on your way to success. Watch the video»

ZONING Workouts

Walk, dance, skate, bike, move-fun, swim, indoor cycle, treadmill, water aerobics - ZONING is any activity that follows the 3 easy steps of ZONING fitness. Watch the video of the "Put on Your Blue Suede Shoe" workout.
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Ten TOP Blue Zone Activities for Beginning Zoners

May 11, 2014

If you have just recently put on your Blink heart watch, then you might be new to ZONING and the Blue, Yellow, and Red zones. The Blue zone is the easiest of the three levels, and is designed for low intensity activities that keep your heart rate at a level that makes it simple for you to hold a conversation. [caption id="attachment_405" align="alignright" width="320"]Diana Magos, National Spokeswoman, The ZONING Fitness Company Diana Magos, National Spokeswoman, The ZONING Fitness Company[/caption] When I was a beginning Zoner, I spent most of my time in the Blue zone, with occasional, short visits to the Yellow zone. The Blue zone still gave me many health and fitness benefits, while getting me off the couch. In the past, I would get discouraged because the workouts were too strenuous so and I simply was not successful. Working out with a heart watch flashing blue in the easy zone, I felt successful, and with this success I became increasingly dedicated to the Zoning program and to my own fitness. One of the best ways I kept ZONING in the early days, and even today, was to vary my activities. Remember, you can do ZONING… Continue reading»


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