ZONING. It's like an apple a day.



5-20-5: 5 minutes of warm up, 20 minutes ZONING, 5 minutes cool down 4 times a week.


Blue-Yellow-Red: Blue is easy, Yellow is moderate, Red is hard effort.


Change-It-Up Every time the music or instructions change, you change your effort.

Programs & Products

ZONING is a health and fitness program with a companion line of complimentary products. The program follows three easy steps:

  1. Timing: 5 minutes-20 minutes-5 minutes.
  2. Variety: You need to change-it-up with different activities and different levels of effort (intensity).
  3. Effort: You will be moving in the Blue Zone for 5 minutes, the Yellow zone for 20 minutes and the Red zone for what is healthy for you.

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What is ZONING?

ZONING is a patented cardio-program developed by Sally Edwards, MBA, MA and certified Physical Educator, that uses colors and numbers to show you how hard (effort) that you are working out. Watch this video.
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Weight Loss with ZONING

If you are ready to lose some weight (or a lot of fat) there's no better way than to focus on fitness, to focus on ZONING. 30-minutes a day in the moderate Yellow zone with your BLINK heart watch and you are on your way to success. Watch the video»

ZONING Workouts

Walk, dance, skate, bike, move-fun, swim, indoor cycle, treadmill, water aerobics - ZONING is any activity that follows the 3 easy steps of ZONING fitness. Watch the video of the "Put on Your Blue Suede Shoe" workout.
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Taking it to the streets! How to Launch a ZONING Program by Kay Mamo

January 23, 2015

I previously shared "How Kay Mamo Got Started ZONING with her Blink Heart Rate Watch Monitor" I would like to continue the conversation and share Part 2, How to Launch a ZONING Program If you are a ZONING enthusiast and you have been doing ZONING workouts for a while, you might be thinking -I, too, would like to join Sally in getting America fit by beginning a program of ZONING in my neighborhood, or at my club or even at my church! The beauty of ZONING is that it can be done anywhere, with or without equipment; You just need to move around. If you are a fitness professional and want to implement the ZONING program at your facility, I would like to invite you to listen to an interview I did with ICI/Pro about the steps I took to launch a ZONING program at my club: Successfully Sell… Continue reading»


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